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I am so happy to be blogging about the photo shoot with Nina Flowers. We had a blast working together this week. I always enjoy working with Nina. Nina is always upbeat and professional. She has a vibrant positive personality. Together our creativeness has no bounds. With my photographic ability and her Creative transformation ability we can produce amazing works of art.

I will post the video that we made after our photo shoot.


My work is being shown on




Nina Flowers talks about Photographer Rod Alan Wildeman




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What does your profile picture say about you?  

How many people do you know that have a picture of them in front of the mirror with that cell phone in hand taking a self portrait? Perhaps you have done it yourself. I know that I have taken my own pictures with my cell phone.  There is noting wrong with doing that however is that the way you want to portray yourself? Every day we all look at pictures. Do you want someone who is looking at you to see you in front of a mirror half dressed?  Before we dive into the whole appearance issue lets take a look at the purpose. 

What is the purpose of whatever social media venue you are using serving you? Why are you using facebook? Why twitter? Are you listed on dating sites?

Are you on facebook to gain more attention and connect with friends? Perhaps you use your social media to gain admirers.  Before anyone can get to know you and what you are about they look at your picture. So I want you to talk a long hard look at your profile pictures and have a friend look also. Be honest with yourself, What do your profile pictures say to you?  Now more importantly how do you want to portray yourself?  This is where I come in, I can help you portray yourself in a positive fashion and get you noticed.   Lets take a look at some pictures and what message I get from them.

Does this picture say “Damn this guy knows how to dress? This guy is good looking in a suit?” That is what I would like it to say but unfortunately it does not. 

First thing that I have to ask is this, What in the hell is coming out of this guys head ? Then I ask what is covering his window?  The last thought is why in the world would he post a picture and not fix the towel on the rack?


Next picture



I want this picture to show my family connections. I want it to say “aww look at this proud family man”


The first thing I notice, and I know that I am not alone on this one… Why is the picture so out of focus? What is going on? There is a lady growing out of his head!!! 


Ok next and last picture



I want this picture to show that I am an outdoor kind of guy. I am on the mountain hiking the mountain.

This is what it really shows….Why the foul look on his face?

What is he looking at? Good lord I better get Just For Men a touch of gray for my face!





What you portray in your pictures say a ton about who you are so I say let the world know who you are by giving them something to look at that captures their attention.

This is where I come  in. Get your portraits done by me, I am a professional. I know how to pose you so that you look your best.  I know how to relay a message through a picture.

Here are a few pictures that work and people are proud to use as their profile pictures. 


Female Glamour This picture says it all. She is beautiful, confident and sure of herself. She is ready for the runway and she is also a bad ass.


Male Model Photography, Artistic Male Art,

This is not your direct straight on head shot but it shows a good looking guy that is happy and playful.


This Picture shows that this guy has style poise and he is looking good.


With that said Take the time to look at your images and then call me for a professional photo shoot.  Call Rod 720-275-5678

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Photo Shoot with Victoria Sexton Ok, so I had the pleasure to have a photo shoot with the beautiful Victoria Sexton. I had a blast. Victoria is professional and a joy to work with. Anders Sedersten AKA Victoria Sexton has been a makeup artist for 8 years, a personal stylist for 4 years and a drag performer for 3 years. You can find Anders every night of the week at Tracks and the last Friday of the month Anders stars in Drag Nation as Victoria Sexton. Anders is my personal recommendation if you need a makeup artist. If you want a photo shoot with a personal stylist and makeup Artist you can email Anders directly at or you can contact me at 720-275-5678

Victoria Sexton, Tracks Denver, Drag Queen, Drag Nation Anders Sedersten, Victoria Sexton, Tracks Denver, Drag Nation, Drag Queen, Denver Drag

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Getting ready for a photo shoot - a guide for models  

I get so many questions on how to get ready for a photography shoot.  I have put together some links to other web sites that list what to do as a model to get ready for a photo shoot. I do not agree with everything they say to do. Your health is the number one concern so you need to do what is healthy for you before the photo shoot. I will also share my advice.


Spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Try different poses; different facial expressions. Flip through magazines to see which poses you like and try them clip them out and bring them with you to the photo shoot. Memorize successful poses and facial expressions; make sure you can quickly "recall" them without thinking. Your muscles should memorize it, not only your brain! It is like walking, you don't think how to move your legs, it just happens. It is in your muscle memory. Make sure you know how to make an attractive smile; no gums, no squinting. You should know how to make several common facial expressions and back it up with your body language. Do it when you are alone, turn off your TV or music. Yes, turn it off! Do not try all poses in one day; one at the time is much better. Repeat previous achievements at the end of every mirror practice. Practice with different outfits, not all poses can be used in every situation. It makes for a successful photo shoot when you are aware of your poses and facial expressions.


Remove hair from under arms and legs prior to photo session for ladies, men it is a matter of choice of hair or no hair.

Do not experiment with new skin products before the shoot. It can cause skin irritation, discoloration or allergic reaction, effectively ruining the photo shoot.


Fingernails should be moderate length and well manicured.Avoid vibrant colors that clash with your outfits.


Make sure your hair is healthy, no discolored roots and the style and color are flattering to your face. Show up with your hair clean and camera ready. Avoid making pony tail when going to a photo shoot. It leaves a mark on your hair.

Do not experiment with new hair styles and colors before the shoot; it may not work as expected.

Do not trim your hair within a week before the photo shoot. Freshly trimmed hair need at least a few days to accommodate and have tendency to stick in all directions.


Use a lash groomer to smooth brows into place for a defined shape and to prepare before tweezing, trimming or applying makeup. Tweeze brows. Trim brows if needed.

Get plenty of sleep to avoid puffy eyes. No amount of makeup can fix this.

Use eye drops if necessary to minimize the appearance of blood vessels. Consult with your family doctor before using it!

Packing up

Model's kit

Here are some items you may want to add to your model's bag. Not all items are required and most are for female models, but it is useful to have a reference. You may think of other items not listed here. Bring anything you find useful.

·         Hair brush

·         Hair bands, pins, clips

·         Eye liner

·         Matt finish/powder

·         Makeup remover

·         Small mirror

·         Concealer in flesh tones

·         Loose transparent face powder

·         Lip pencil (nude or skin colour)

·         Lipsticks and lip pencils

·         Pencil sharpener

·         Travel size nail kit

·         Cotton balls and cotton swabs

·         Tweezers

·         Hair spray

·         Toothbrush and toothpaste

·         Hair dryer


Choose your wardrobe carefully and have it ready the day before the photo shoot. It is best to bring several options when it comes to clothing. If you have more then you have more to work with. It is better to have more to work with than to have a lack of selections and a short photo session.


Bring as many props as you would like. By props I mean bring scarves, sunglasses, fashionable clothing items like jackets and unusual items that you would like to try to work with. Also practice posing with the items before the photo shoot.



Along with each outfit, try to bring accessories which will accent or match the outfit. Keep accessories simple.

·         Earrings

·         Bracelets

·         Gloves

·         Necklaces

·         Bags

·         Hats

·         Veils

·         Scarves

·         Other


Shoes must match or accent the outfit.

·         High heels

·         Dress shoes

·         Stilettos

·         Boots or high heeled boots

·         Open toed

·         Closed toed

Remove stickers from the soles of your shoes. You can use nail polish remover to remove subborn stickers (use it on the soles only!).


Photo shoot (timeline)

72 hours before the shoot

Contact me by a call, text or email to verify that you are still available for the photo shoot. Make sure all your questions are answered. Verify where you need to be, at what time and how to get there on time. Make a check list of items you are planning to bring to the shoot. Read the model release  if you haven’t done so already (you will be signing it on the photo shoot).

If possible, e-mail me some images or a brief description of outfits and accessories you are planning to bring in.

If you haven't done so already, send me with your mobile phone number. I may need to contact you in case of unexpected changes.

24 hours before the shoot

Make sure all outfits and accessories are ironed and properly packed. Pack outfits carefully to avoid wrinkles on clothes.

Tweeze eyebrows and the area between eyebrows. Be careful not to over tweeze.

Use oil and toothbrush on lips to exfoliate and top with Vaseline the night before the shoot. Put Vaseline on hands, feet, knees and elbows (put cotton socks/gloves on feet/hands overnight to soak in) to soften the skin and minimize wrinkles.

Avoid greasy, spicy and salty food. Avoid alcohol. Drink plenty of water and have a good night's sleep.

Charge your mobile phone and make sure you have my phone number recorded.

The day of the shoot

If I notice alcohol or other "stimulants" being used, I will cancel the photo shoot without the possibility to re-schedule.

Relax. Take more time than usual to get ready. Moisturize your skin.

Eat a light meal before you leave. Take a bottle of water and some light snacks to the photo shoot, especially if the shoot is outdoors or on location.

Arrive on time. If late, contact me and let me know your estimated time of arrival. If you arrive with significant delay, the shoot may be shortened as well and the number of final images may be reduced.

Photo shoot (during the session)


Models are encouraged to share their ideas any time before or during the photo shoot. Bring images you found elsewhere, tear sheets can be useful to explain your ideas.

My shooting style

I tend to "go with the flow". I usually give a suggestion and follow model's performance. I love trying new things, experimenting with different angles. If something doesn't work, it can be deleted right on the spot. I do not have a predefined recipe for all shoots. With every shoot I change my style slightly; I even interact differently with different models, based on my personal observation of the model as a person.


Relax and flow naturally. I give suggestions during a photo shoot and correct obvious mistakes. However, do not expect me to pose you like a mannequin in a shop window. Practice before the shoot, be natural, and keep moving. Photo shoot is a collaborative process and if I don't get any help from the model, I can only do so much.

Photo shoot duration

On average, a photo shoot with me takes about 2-3 hours



Choose your wardrobe carefully and have it ready the day before the photo shoot. It is best to bring several options when it comes to clothing. If you have more then you have more to work with. It is better to have more to work with than to have a lack of selections and a short photo session.


Bring as many props as you would like. By props I mean bring scarves, sunglasses, fashionable clothing items like jackets and unusual items that you would like to try to work with. Also practice posing with the items before the photo shoot.

Here are a few web site links that can be helpful for both guys and girls


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Mariah Spano Photo Shoot  

I just had a photo shoot with the beautiful Mariah Spano. Mariah is an aspiring model and the photo shoot went very well. It speaks volumes to her maturity, her grace and her beauty.  It was refreshing to work with someone who is grounded and driven to succeed in life. Mariah is also a student and she is working on an art degree. It is her goal to create her own marketing firm and I believe that she will achieve that very goal. blue eyes, Glamour Photography, Denver photographers, Beauty PhotographyEyes of beauty Glamour photography, glamour, portraits, Denver photographer, Rod Alan Wildeman, Mariah Spano, creative glamour, Model photographyFemale Glamour

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Welcome to My photography blog Nina Flowers Dolly Parton

Thank you for stopping by and reading my photography blog. I am so delighted to launch my new web site. I took a break from photography for a while for personal reasons but I am now back and booking appointments in Denver and surrounding areas. I have photographed celebrities like Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Rosie O’Donnell, Nina Flowers from Rupaul’s Drag Race, Carson Kressley, Ruby Ann Boxcar and the B52’s. I published two books and have been the cover photographer for Outfront Colorado. I am available for events, concerts, shows, and private photography sessions. I have a location that I rent for studio use and I have a portable studio that can go to your location.  

I am always looking to update my portfolio with fresh new faces. Email me with your current picture and what you are looking for and lets see if we can work a deal.


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