Rod Alan Wildeman - Photographer | About

Rod's inspiration and passion is to reflect an individuals unique personality through the eye of the camera to create a piece of photographic work that embodies the spirit and the essence of the subject. His keen eye and obsession on developing his skills have resulted in photos that are contemporary, abstract and realistic. Rod has possessed an instinct and talent for photography since his teenage years. During fieldtrips in his schooldays he would shoot photos with his 35mm camera amazing and impressing his fellow students and teachers. Frequently getting requests for copies of his work, thus launching his entrepreneurial spirit into the beginnings of a journey into personally fulfillment and a challenging career. His dedication and commitment has lead to the creation of Studio 670 as well as the respect and admiration of his peers. In addition to the success Rod has created with his professional life, he has managed to balance that with a fantastic personal life. Rod is active in his community through a number of various community services and contributions. During a photo shoot with Rod you can expect and will receive only the highest degree of professionalism provided in comfortable and fun surroundings. As Rod states "Capturing each of my clients in a timeless photo that reflects their own style and personality is both my goal and inspiration" Rod is available by appointment for your personal photo shoot at Studio 670.